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Welcome to Trinity Lakes, a warm and welcoming small town in east Washington, filled with charm, family, and friends, where fresh starts, second chances, and romance abound. You'll meet swoony bachelors, cowboys, and adventurers, sweet and sassy ladies, and your new best friends. This series of standalone Christian romances will warm your heart, inspire your faith, and bring a smile to your soul.

In 2019, I was fortunate to visit Washington state and see such Hallmark-worthy towns as Chelan, Winthrop, Leavenworth and Walla Walla. (Check out my pictures below) 

A discussion with Aussie author friend Narelle Atkins ultimately led to a multi-author contemporary romance series set in Washington state in the fictional town of Trinity Lakes, written by a group of mostly Australian authors.

My first book in the series is Love Somebody Like You, and involves an Aussie nurse heroine and a handsome cowboy, and the challenges of family, finances and letting go of the past to move forward. Find out more about the books by clicking on the titles below. Please note, all books are available to preorder on wide retailers, before they're released into Kindle Unlimited.

So if you're a fan of small towns and romance, please come visit Trinity Lakes.

Trinity Lakes Romances Multi-Author Series:

Book 1 - Never Find Another You by Narelle Atkins

Book 2 - The Ocean Between Us by Meredith Resce

Book 3 - I'll Always Choose You by Lisa Renee

Book 4 - Always By My Side by Iola Goulton

Book 5 - Love Somebody Like You by Carolyn Miller

Book 6 - Where Our Hearts Lie by Jenny Glazebrook

Book 7 - No Matter How Far by Sara Beth Williams

Book 8 - Over the Rainbow by Meredith Resce

Book 9 - Tangled Up in Love by Carolyn Miller

Book 10- In Truth and Love by Jenny Glazebrook


For Lexi Franklin, returning to Trinity Lakes feels a little like running home with her tail between her legs.
But what's a girl to do, when her life has been turned upside down on the other side of the world? She needs a place to regain hope and healing - just didn't count on meeting a cowboy whose own battered heart might need nursing back to health too.
Jackson Reilly has his own set of troubles, between caring for his ranch, his mom, and the black hole of finances. So when a pretty redhead with a sassy tongue offers some distraction - and a potential solution to one of his most pressing concerns - he's not going to say no.
But as they spend time together, questions soon rise about their future, and whether faith can truly win over fears. Will Jackson be able to save his ranch, and his hopes and heart, before Lexi returns to Australia?

An opposites attract, small town contemporary Christian romance. Book five of the Trinity Lakes Romance series (can be read as a standalone). Visit Trinity Lakes and meet the fun and quirky characters who value family, faith, and happily-ever-after.

Tangled Up in Love_ARTWORK_1.jpeg
Only You Can love Me_ARTWORK.jpg

When Ellie Reilly returns from a dream overseas trip, a too-long hug from her best friend Jasper Cohen clues her in that his feelings might be more than what she suspected. He's unsure about pushing their friendship further, and doubly uncertain when her European friend, Sebastian, seeks her out in Trinity Lakes.

Uncertainty is something Ellie knows all too well. Since returning from her vacation, Ellie feels like she doesn't fit at her family's ranch or in small town life.

When she is asked to take on responsibility for reopening Trinity Lakes' historical museum - a dream she's always wanted - she can't help but wonder if settling for life in the familiar is all that God has for her, or can she dare trust Him for more?

A friends-to-more, small town contemporary Christian romance. Visit Trinity Lakes and meet the fun and quirky characters who value family, faith, and happily-ever-after.

Wanted: someone hardworking, honest, humble, with a sense of humor, who appreciates the simple things in life. Who loves God, loves family, and loves animals. Genuine seekers only.
Dr. Jess Martin--Doc Martin to her local community--might be used to solving the veterinary problems of rural south east Washington, but she can't solve the problems of her lonely heart. When a dating app specializing in rural connections comes her way she figures she's got nothing left to lose. Especially when she's already lost the only guy who had touched her heart, who has made it clear his future lies in Silicon Valley and not in Trinity Lakes. It's time to let go of the past, once and for all.
Cooper Reilly never pictured himself as finding his future or contentment on a ranch. His heart has always hankered for the finer things of life. But when a corporate reshuffle sees him kicked to the kerb, he finds himself right back where he started. And right back to trying to convince a certain pretty vet to give him a second chance. But she's not playing, convinced she's found her Dream Match already. But there's something she doesn't know...
Can these two friends look past previous mistakes and find a future? And what does a hunky fireman have to say about a perfect Dream Match?

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my family's 2019 visit to Washington & Oregon, including Chelan, Winthrop, Leavenworth, Walla Walla, Seattle & more - inspiration for my books in the

Trinity Lakes series

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