Want to be an Influencer?

Hi friends!


If you've enjoyed reading any of my Regency novels, I'd love for you to join my special Facebook group Carolyn's Books & Friends. This is a private group (you'll need to answer some questions to join) where I regularly talk books and have opportunities to be an influencer and help promote my books. Please have a read of the following actions and see if this is something you would like to do to help share the love:


What do I need from you?

All you have to do is to commit to some of the following influential actions

(you don't even have to have read it!):


Around release time 

* Share with your friends, church, Facebook community, Twitter followers, book club, library, bookstore - anyone and everyone! - about this amazing book you know will encourage and entertain them ;) 

This can be done by word of mouth, Facebook posts (reposted from my Facebook page), tweets, etc


* Mark this as a book you want to read on Goodreads


* Follow the Pinterest board, and pin the cover to one of your boards


* Follow me on Amazon, Goodreads, or my Facebook Author page


Once you've read it:

* Write a review! On Goodreads, Amazon, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com.au, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Book Depository, CBDKoorong, etc


* Mention it in a blog post - either as a review, or an interview, a spotlight, etc


* Mention how much you loved it on social media via Facebook, Twitter, etc


* If you're super savvy, create a graphic using a quote from the book!


* Request your local library / book club / church / bookstore to carry it


So many things can make a real difference - and your help is SO appreciated!


Feel free to post other ideas below.

Thanks so much!!!


Carolyn xx

For readers of Regency and contemporary Christian romance