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A sweet & swoony Christian contemporary romance series, set in the beautiful Muskoka region of Canada

As a redhead and an Anne of Green Gables fan I was thrilled to visit Prince Edward Island and then drive across Canada to Muskoka, a picturesque, lake-filled stretch of country two hours north of Toronto, which is where LM Montgomery set her book The Blue Castle. (Muskoka IS Mistawis!) Visiting this beautiful part of the world became inspiration for a story about another hockey player (because: Canada, hello!), which became Muskoka Blue.

Because I loved this Muskoka region so much, I decided to write several other books set in this region, using the same small town and community church we see in Muskoka Blue.

So welcome to Muskoka Shores, a beautiful close knit community on the shores of Lake Muskoka, Canada. Come and meet your new best friends as they negotiate romance, faith and life in small town North America.

Click on the book covers to find out more, and check out the photo gallery below for some of the behind-the-scenes inspiration from my trip to North America that inspired scenes in various books (and the Spotify playlists and Pinterest boards as well). Happy reading! 


For Sarah Maguire, spending the summer at Lake Muskoka was supposed to be about finding the courage to put back the pieces of her shattered life—not falling in love with the charming yet unsophisticated hockey player from next door.
Daniel Walton may have been praying for Miss Right to appear, but Sarah’s ice princess act just cries Miss Wrong. Dan’s summer plans hadn’t included befriending a redhead with a sassy tongue and cute accent, but as Muskoka works its magic he soon discovers that underneath the frost and prickles is the funny, feisty, loving woman he’s waited all his life to meet.
Will past regrets lead to further heartbreak? Or can Sarah and Dan learn to leave the past in the past and embrace God’s promises for the future?

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Serena Williamson loves working at Muskoka Shores, the fancy resort on Lake Muskoka, and making couples dreams come true. But after returning from a celebrity wedding to find her own hopes crumbling to dust, she sets out for self-improvement, and to prove her ex was wrong. But when a misunderstanding concerning the new assistant church minister leads to more self-doubt, can she ever really trust a man again?
Joel Wakefield is looking forward to a fresh start for himself and his sister in this beautiful small town beside Lake Muskoka. He hadn't counted on meeting a curvy cutie with a gift for hospitality and a gracious heart. Can he show her that it's what is inside that truly counts?

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Staci Everton is a multi-published author of historical romances, whose Christmas Eve deadline for a new book sees her leave her Chicago home to go write while staying with her grandmother in the beautiful small town of Muskoka Shores, Canada. Staci is determined to finish her manuscript, despite the small town's Christmas charm - and Muskoka Shores most eligible bachelor.
Dr. James Wells is on enforced leave from working in Africa, after nearly burning out. He's here to spend time with family, not spend time with a workaholic whose focus on fiction is very different from the harsh realities he's faced.
But Christmas is a time of second chances, family and faith. Maybe they'll find magic under the mistletoe, and a future after all.

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Toni Wakefield may be a talented artist, but past choices means this single mother never feels the equal of those around her—especially her brother’s best friend, investment funds manager Matt Vandenberg.

Matt long ago fell in love with his best friend’s younger sister, and try as he might, he just can’t fall out of it. And between his crazy working hours and the fact she's now settled two hours away in beautiful Muskoka it seems they never have any time together.

How can he persuade her to consider to give him a chance, when she’s sworn the only man she can care about is her baby boy?

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Jackie O’Halloran never expected her actions at a friend’s wedding in Muskoka to go viral on social media. Even less did she expect to gain the notice of a famous actor, Lincoln Cash, and all the temptation his handsome presence provides. But she’s a good Christian girl, so a man like him has to be out of the picture. Or so she thinks.
Linc’s visit to see his ailing grandfather was supposed to be a quick visit to Muskoka. He hadn’t counted on meeting a forthright young lady whose courage made headlines around the world. But as he gets to know her he’s tempted to stay, which just might prove dangerous for his agent’s peace of mind, and for Linc’s own heart.
Can these two opposites push past mere attraction to find real love? And what does faith have to do with it at all?

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muskoka holiday morsels

Muskoka Holiday Morsels is a collection of short romance stories with holiday and Christmas themes, perfect for a cozy read.

Meet some new friends and catch up with some Muskoka favorites, and discover romance in the holiday season in this bite-sized collection of stories filled with hope, heart, humor, and all the feels.

Now Available
Muskoka Promise Muskoka romance series

All Anna Morely has wanted since she was a child is to feel loved. All Tom Woodmore has wanted is to uphold the law without fear or favor. When a traffic incident brings these two opposites together, sparks fly. But Anna's wealthy family has certain social expectations that a humble police officer doesn't exactly meet. And after the death of his fiancée, Tom has his own challenges in learning to risk his heart again. And then there is the matter of whether Anna will ever reconcile with her too-persistent friends...
Join Anna and Tom as they discover the path to real love holds unexpected joys and trials, and that God's promises can always be relied on - including in beautiful Muskoka.

June 27
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