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Welcome to Three Creek Ranch, home of the James family for over a hundred years.

Positioned only thirty minutes outside of Calgary, Alberta, and nestled next to the Canadian Rockies, this ranch even boasts its own Western Town Movie Set! 

In this series of standalone Christian romances, meet the three younger sisters of hockey hunk Franklin James, as they balance family, friendships, work commitments and faith, on their journey to finding romance and real love. 

The first book in the series is A Cameo for a Cowgirl, and sees Cassie James (whom we first met as Franklin's younger sister in the Northwest Ice book Fire and Ice) butt heads with arrogant movie star Harrison Woods, in a blend of rom-com and cowgirl ranch fun. 

In book 2, A Valentine for a Vet, veterinarian Jessie James discovers that Tom Chavez, Franklin's persistent teammate, is interested in more than just her skills with his dog, in a friends-to-more story packed with heart and humor.

Book 3, A Dream Date for a Dancer, sees youngest sister Poppy James, a dance teacher, find her way to love.

So if you're a fan of relatable characters, sibling dynamics, ranch settings and romance,

please come visit the gals at Three Creek Ranch.

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Welcome to Three Creek Ranch, home of the James family for over a hundred years, complete with its own Western movie set.

Franklin James might be a famous pro hockey player, but just because he's Cassie's older brother doesn't mean she wants to step into the limelight. She's too busy helping her dad run the ranch and managing the ranch's movie set, and negotiating with the giant egos of movie stars like Harrison Woods, who's supposed to be filming the new TV series of As The Heart Draws.

And while his TV hero characters might be hugely popular, Harrison's real character seems anything but noble.

Cassie is convinced he's hiding something, and that this diva's nice guy moments are just an act.

Can she remind him what being a true hero is all about?

Veterinarian Jessie James loves her dog, loves her work, loves her family. She's got a lot on her plate, which means there's no time for a certain dishy teammate of her pro hockey-player brother, despite what others may think. 
Tom Chavez knows he's in the friend zone, but isn't one to give up too easily, especially when he's concerned that this vet might be working herself into an early grave. 
So when tragedy strikes the vet practice, he's going to do all he can to show her he's more than just a shoulder to cry on, and that he cares about more than her skills with his dog.
This friends-to-more story is packed with heart and humor, and perfect for fans of Mandi Blake and Jessie Gussman.

Click through to see travel pics that just may make it into some of the scenes of the the series...

"A delightful, laugh out loud romance!" ~ Susan May Warren, USA Today bestselling author

Hannah Wade's heart might've once been touched by a rancher's son, but her real passion has always been sports. Years later, when her sports career is cut short by injury, she jumps at the chance to be one of Calgary's first female sports reporters. Trouble is, some of the old dinosaurs she works with think she's only there to look good, add ratings, and stir controversy among the fiercely loyal hockey fans. She longs to prove herself, so when an opportunity comes along to interview newly traded defenseman Franklin James, she meets him. Or, more accurately, re-meets him. With disastrous effect.

Growing up with three sisters means Franklin thought he knew something about women, but nothing had ever prepared him for the sparkling firecracker that is Hannah. And yet her vibrant personality holds a sweetness and soft side, something that draws his interest and protectiveness when an interview goes south. And there's something about her that's vaguely familiar...

Can these two overcome prejudice and find a way forward? And what has faith - or the lack of - got to do with anything?

Fire and Ice is a second-chance, forbidden romance and the first book in the new Northwest Ice hockey romance series, a sweet and swoony, slightly sporty, Christian contemporary romance series, perfect for fans of Becky Wade, Courtney Walsh, and Susan May Warren.

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