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Regency Brides: A Legacy of Grace

The Audiobooks of The Elusive Miss Ellison, The Captivating Lady Charlotte and The Dishonorable Miss DeLancey are all available from Tantor media. Read by British actress Anna Parker-Naples, these stories come alive in a fresh way.

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Regency Brides: The Promise of Hope

Regency romance Winning Miss Winthrop


Can two hearts learn to overcome misunderstandings from the past?

Christian Regency romance Miss Serena's Secret


Can she ever learn to trust the biggest flirt in England?

Christian Regency romance The Making of Mrs Hale


Will a runaway marriage ever be redeemed?


Regency Brides: The Daughters of Aynsley



Propriety or protection -

that is the question...



Will shy, sweet Cecilia's neighbour ever notice her?




Has the hoyden with a heart of gold finally met her match?

Releasing Nov 26 2019

Contemporary Series: Independence Islands Novella Collection

Join me and 5 other authors in the Independence Islands novella collection. This new contemporary series, releasing in 2020, sees six mobile business owners find life and love on these islands off the South Carolina / Georgia coast. 



Sam Green of Greener Gardens gets more than she bargains for when she takes on restoring the gardens of a reclusive writer whose novels about unrequited love are bestsellers. Can she help this widower discover happily-ever-afters can be found in

both real life and fiction?




Check out these images from my recent trip to the US & Canada
Click to see enlarged images from my 2015 trip to England


^ The Royal Pavilion, Brighton.

A magnificent, exotic structure used as the Regent's summer holiday residence, designed for entertaining on a sumptuous scale. Referred to in 'The Dishonorable Miss DeLancey'

^ 12th Century Church of St Mary & Holy Cross, Alderminster, 4 miles south of Stratford-upon-Avon.

During the Regency period, the church helped govern social mores - even if not everybody practiced what was preached. Men of faith, such as 

William Wilberforce, helped change society for the better, such as petitioning for the end of slavery.

Regency Slang

       Regency slang (cant) is something that makes reading a Regency novel so much fun! But much like the phrases used by today's teenagers can prove bewildering to different generations, there can be an element of decoding necessary to understand the idiom of a world from two centuries ago. 

      While some forms of slang can be found in Jane Austen's works, Georgette Heyer is often considered the queen of Regency cant. Although she wrote in the 1930s to 1960s, her exceptional research skills resulted in a vast collection of letters and diaries from that time period, so her use of slang gives a sense of authenticity that makes her novels such a delight to read.


Some examples include:

* 'a bag of moonshine' = a lot of nothing                      

* 'doing it much too brown' = to overly exaggerate or lie 

* 'to cast up one's accounts' = to be sick                      

* 'mutton-headed' & 'buffle-headed' = to be stupid or foolish

* 'hoyden' = tomboyish girl                                          

* 'a green girl' = an inexperienced and naive young woman

* 'leg-shackled' = to be married                                    

* 'a diamond of the first water' = an exceptionally beautiful woman

* a 'chit' = a (forward) young girl                                

* a 'Bluestocking' = educated, bookish woman          

* 'the ton' = the highest of high society, usually the aristocracy 


Lyme Park, Cheshire, used as the inspiration for Pemberley in the wonderful 1995 production of 

'Pride and Prejudice'

A typical scene in rural England - 

stone walls and rolling countryside - perfect for a hoydenish young lady, with a hem

'six inches deep in mud'

​A Regency gentleman had to perfect the art of tying the neckcloth (cravat) - of which 

existed many styles and variations




Dual Power of Convenience (by Chautona Havig) the first of the Independence Islands novella series releases! 

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The 2017 The Elusive Miss Ellison 

book launch in the NSW

Southern Highlands.

Watch the video here.  


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